Advanced Treatment from People Who Care

The Cancer Treatment Center at Hazleton offers a full range of advanced cancer treatment services provided by a team of caring and experienced staff, which includes our board-certified medical director, radiation therapists, registered nurse, medical dosimetrist and physicist.

We offer image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) using the ExacTrac® system from BrainLab. This advanced technology pinpoints tumors with a high-resolution, low-dose X-ray beam and automatically tracks patient movement throughout treatment with an infrared optical tracking system. These tracking capabilities ensure radiation doses are delivered with higher precision, which minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue surrounding a tumor site.

Benefits of ExacTrac IGRT:

In addition to IGRT, the Cancer Treatment Center at Hazleton offers external-beam radiation therapy and 3-D conformal therapy, which enables three-dimensional visualization of the tumor and surrounding tissue during treatment planning. Patients treated with external-beam radiation therapy receive a certain number of daily radiation treatments over a period of seven to eight weeks. Treatments are outpatient procedures that usually take about 15 minutes each.

We also offer intensity modulated radiation therapy, another type of three-dimensional radiation therapy in which beams of varying intensity are aimed at a tumor from different angles. IMRT, as it’s known, allows doctors to customize the radiation beams delivered to individual patients, resulting in much better targeting than with conventional radiation. This type of therapy also minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue surrounding a tumor.

For men diagnosed with prostate cancer, we offer a procedure called brachytherapy. In this form of treatment, small radioactive seeds are implanted within the prostate gland. Guided by an ultrasound device, our physicians insert the seeds with a needle into the prostate. Patients who undergo brachytherapy are usually allowed to return home on the same day. Brachytherapy has been shown to provide excellent long-term success rates with minimal side effects while offering an alternative to surgical removal of the prostate gland.